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@Riot - Advantages of Gatekeeper Galio

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I'm Quintavius, very average summoner. 1300s in 3s and Solo Queue.

I've been playing Galio during his free weeks for a while, last week (1/1 - 1/6), I really invested more time in Galio. My main concern however, is that teammates have a hard time telling what Galio is doing.

His Q (resolute smite) doesn't really give an effect indicative of a slow,
The shield supplied by W (Bulwark) is too small and is mostly transparent.
The trail left by his E (Righteous Gust) is easy to miss in a team fight
R is well done.

So, I looked at different Galio skins before I bought Galio. Gatekeeper Galio fixes all of these problems. I bought GateKeeper Galio right away,

I played with the skin a time or two and asked my team for feedback. (I hadn't mentioned why exactly I bought the skin). My teammates immediate feedback said that they have a MUCH better idea of what I'm doing because of the legendary skin effects.

I'm not complaining about Gatekeeper Galio. The skin is awesome, and worthy of legendary status. I do think that Base Galio could use some improvement in terms of visual clues to teammates.


Thanks for your time.

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Grumpy Monkey

Senior Character Artist


A lot of the legendary skins give us valuable information that we can take into relaunch team/visual reworks.

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Senior Member


Agree with OP. I would love Galio's effects to be more visible and understandable