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"If this is him now, imagine what Nunu will be like when he grows up!"

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Omg i blame lag



28 years later.

Lawyer Trundle: "So, do you plead guilty, or not guilty, of enslaving this poor Yeti for over 30 years?"
Nunu: The Yeti know's the way!
Lawyer Trundle: So do you?
Nunu: Don't make the Yeti angry.. you won't like it when he's angry."

3 hours later..

Graves: So how did you end up here? I got jailed because I tried to kill the Sheriff.
Twitch: I got jailed for trying to rob a bank, but they kept damaging me so I couldn't stealth.
Twisted fate: I got jailed for cheating when I was gambling.. fortunately my ult will be up in just 72 more seconds.
Nunu: Here we go..

*Credit for picture to MaTTcomGO from deviant art*