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11 slots available for a tight clan

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KNYB23 Ulitmate Victory Stradgey

the last time we played we went on a viscious winning streak due to the part on how we split the teams up and played very carefully and accurately

the lanes looked like this top/mid/bottom

singed annie/ tryndamere/ anivia master yi

there were slight variations to this but the main thing was that i was the carry this was great if i had a good game early and didnt die but the games where the oposing team made sure to shut me down made my farming and ganking plans kinda useless so we would lose bad

we wend froma 5 game winning streak to a 5 game losing streak

all i could think about over the weekend was how to optimize laneing and change the play style to make our heros completely balance toward late mid game where we can easily push with entire team and have no fears of losing

so it finally hit me this might be long and i expect everyone that is going to play with me to atleast try it out once and see if it works.

these are the character builds i am looking for mainly for our five man premade


Ranged hero that can be a carry also like ashe or twisted fate we need both of them one to play the top lane and the other to play the bottom lane
next i want myself to play tryndamere a melee dps carry to play top or bottom with either the ashe or the twisted fate. the other character that is an awsome meele dps is master yi i want you to be the other meele dps carry in top or bottom with ashe or TF
and our solo mid has to be annie or another really good hero that can nuke the funk out of people.

ok this is my strategy listen and read care fully

Ashe Trynda top/ Annie mid/ Twisted master yi bottom

the job of the ashe and the twisted fate is to only concentrate on the opossing teams heros and not attack any of the creeps just constantly concentrate on the opposing teams heros i would highly recomend a philosphers stone to atleast generate some money while doing this and to keep health and manna up to prevent trips to well
while they provide the cover fire the trynda and Yi must do there very best to farm the creeps with no fail. their combined goal is to hit the jungle by level 4-5 which is very possible because they would have already farmed enough cash to have the tools nescessary for jungleing and this is how the jungle will be split up the jungle on the bottom half belongs to the yi and the jungle on the top half belongs to tryndamere and they have to kill dragon together every time it is up no exceptions dont ever be afraid to go into the enemy jungle there is nothing to worry about. what all of that creates is now is all 5 people on your team soloing and generating money and xp all for them selves this will definetly create 5 very farmed out characters. now the reason i picked ashe and twisted fate is both can stun by level 6 and both can slow so they make it easy to kite to turrets and stay safe in the lane with 2 other champions soloing both of them. the key to all of this is not staying in the jungle untill neutrals respawn once u have killed all of them then you go back to your lane and harrass the creeps while your ranged hero is farming. once neutral creeps are back up then run back into the forest and continue to jungle. and always kill the dragon this will generate money for your whole team like killing a turret.

next the role that the annie will play she will be responsible for calling out ganks the only time the entire team will be present for ganks is when she calls for the gank in the mid lane. if the gank is in top lane then the master yi the trynda and ashe will accompany the annie while the TF makes sure the oppossing teamtdoesnt tower push and has the oppurtunity to port behind the enemy champ and get the last kill if the gank didnt go well due to cleanse or ghost or some other escape mechanism. if the gank is in bottom lane the ashe will stay in top lane and do the same as the TF and if the gank doesnt go well she will shoot her crystal arrow this strategy is awsome cuz you will never fail on ganks. the annie cannot fail at soloing mid at all she must always play conservative and never attempt to kill the enemy champ in her lane unless she is atleast at 75% mana and health. but other wise you must prevent yourself from dieing as much as possible.

next phase is the late game stradgey we do a full 5 man team push in any lane we chose we can not afford to stay in the lanes to long giving the other team a chance to plan a back door gank or a push in another lane so if we have the ability to tank a tower then we need to do it. once all the outer towers are gone and they longer have any field vison due to now turrets we will make it seem like we are at baron nashor but we will actually hide by him not fighting him. and wait till they try and turn the tables on us. then this is where we will pounce on them and finish the game.

note to the Trynda and the Master yi if you see an opposing hero while jungleing let the whole team know so we can set up a quick gank to prevent them from coming into the jungle nothing is scarier to another player than knowing they face an iminent doom as soon as they eneter the forest for a buff.

if you have any questions or comments about this strategey go ahead and post and i do seriously apologize for this amazingly large wall of text but i belieive it is nescessary to win all our games. i dont mind losing a couple while we learn to use the stradgey but we shouldnt lose a single game once we learn the stradgey and are able to do it every game.

who knows we might end up changing the way people start playing this game

great website for testing out item and rune builds