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Require IP help...

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Senior Member


Ok, so I mainly jungle as my main role, but I have been thinking about branching out more into support and/or top as side roles, you know roles to play in the event I do not get to jungle
or if I just want to not jungle for a match or whatever.

Presently, these are my main guys:

Maokai : Jungle, built support/tank
Xin Zhao: Jungle, mainly built bruiser
Olaf: Jungle and solo-top, built as bruiser with crazy tankiness

I own Taric and Soraka, though I do not have all that much experience with either of them.
I am thinking of possibly getting Sona as a support as well, to have more variety. I am also wanting people who can fill other roles like solo-top.

I have plenty of IP, 24k specifically. I do have 3 runes pages and plenty of runes, though most of them are runes meant for jungling(bruiser and suport/tank) as well as straight up supporting.

So ya, I have been thinking of getting Sona for a support role and I have been thinking of who else or what else to get. I have been thinking of trying out Renekton this week, at least a little bit, considering he's free this week. I am unsure of who or what else to get with all this freakin' IP.

So....ya, any help or advice regarding this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

PS: Champions I am thinking of getting:

Sona, Amumu, Nocturne, Trundle, Jayce, Garen.

What are your thoughts of these guys?

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Senior Member


Trundle is a champion under rated and under played.

Pick him up and surprise people.


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I don't see tris and ali on your already have list. Do you know you can get both for free?

Back to the topic. your champions already cover 4/5 of the roles.
Solo top: Olaf, Xin
Jungle: Olaf, Xin, Mao
Bot support: Mao, Taric, Soraka.
Mid: Soraka, a little unusual, but viable.

With free tris, I say you have champions for every role in the team. I would suggest you build up your rune pages and practice with the champions you already have. Trying out different build and probably playing unusual role, like mid Soraka, mid Mao perhaps.

Take me for example, I have one rune page for every general role. I even divide top and jungle into ad and ap. That's 6 rune pages and I just finished my first champion specific rune page: Akali. That's 7 total rune pages, 2 free and 5 purchased with IP.

I'm on my 8th rune page, thinking building one specific for AD Fid ^_^, general AD page just not work on FId

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Astral Yorae



I think that you can get Alistar on Youtube, in case he comes with Unchained Alistar Skin.

As for buying, try to get Sona, Janna and Leona (who can also jungle).

With the rest of IP, you could consider buying runes in case you don't have all setups finished. Add me in game and I will be glad to help you choose.

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Certainly Amumu as he might be one of the best low-mid elo choices. Didn't see you mention Malphite or Jax; both fit your jungler/top roles.