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To all the Eve players...

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I started playing Eve when A Master Shaco posted his platinum thread about here. I've played her ever since that, and managed to rack up a bunch of wins with her.

Nerf after nerf, I still played her. And I still wrecked face with her.


The stealth.

The plays that you can make with that stealth are insane. The mind games that you play with the mid player you're facing... THEY CAN NEVER SEE YOU. It's great really. I'm not too worried about the nerfs Eve is facing now, because they still haven't touched the stealth. The skilled players out there probably aren't worrying either. You'll still be able to chunk squishies, you'll still be able to w/flash/zhonyas after an engagement, whatever.

Idk about the majority of people, but I don't think the people that know how to play Eve really well are worrying. IMO the only nerfs that would cripple her hard would be a stealth nerf or possibly a W nerf. Who knows.