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Disappointment With Riot

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Im sad that Riot Games would sit here and penalize people for things they do. Heres the story, me and my friend were about to start a game, i left a draft pick because he wasnt in it. So i waited 15 minutes cause i left another draft in the same day. So 15 minutes is done no problem here we go in and says ive lost connection to maestro and it kicks me our of the game. I relog and it says were currently experiencing a live maintence. You may experience brief disruptions. Ok so thats cool and all so i go back for that draft pick and it says i have to wait another 15 minutes. What the heck. Are you seriously blaming me for something you started. Out of all the things penalizing me when it was a server issue. It's time riot realizes that they should remove the penalization for bot games and blind pick and keep it for draft and ranked. Honestly im sure everyone experienced this same issue. And not only that, STOP penalizing people for your maintenances.