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Dear Riot

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Make something other than draft for dominion, please.

Blind pick is ruining this game mode.

Can't see if the other team is picking Kass or Teemo / [insert hated champion here]

Can't Ban Kass or Teemo / [insert hated champion here]

Have No clue who they're picking bot

Can't counter anything...it's just R/P/S all the time

And Waiting 30 min + just to get these perks means your SR formula doesn't apply here.

Tl;dr .... there is no draft mode anymore, you might as well remove it and give us something that is faster as well as more 'fair' than just picking the most overused champions and hope the enemy team plays theirs worse than you.

P.S yes I hate Teemo, but can you still at least think about it?

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Junior Member


Dear RIOT, Make dominion a serious game mode or just get rid of it so we can stop wasting our time and quit league.