Azer2424's Champion Idea : Keizoide, the Fragments of the Void

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This champion would be a unique, fun play.

Name idea: Keizoide: Fragments of the Void

Main role: Tank


Void Skin (Passive) - Upon being attacked by a basic attack, grants armor and magic resist (up to 6 stacks) and poisons the enemy( poison applied on spell cast).

Gastric Discharge - Sends a glob of ooze to an area dealing damage and slowing enemies hit.

Creeping Ooze - Sends his ooze over the ground snaring himself and all enemies caught in the area for 3 seconds.

Emission - Leaps to an area dealing damage and pushing enemies aside, hit enemies are also slowed.

Icathian Skin (Ultimate) - Spreads himself along the ground pulling enemies inwards for 2 seconds, after the duration enemies are thrown outward taking damage and being slowed.

Basic Lore Idea:
In the vast, evil darkness of the war-spread void, many fragments of weapons and body parts lie in the heaps of blood shed war fields. Toxic sludge has recently started to engulf with some of these scraps causing a merging mutation between the sludge and fragments. From this mutated pool of sludge and fragment has been the "birth" of Keizoide. After the formation, Keizoide still hungered for more of the fragmented war debris that caused his birth. As he consumed, he grew larger and more powerful. His growth gave him the hunger for larger prey that would fight back and loose for his enjoyment.
In his destructive path, Keizoide found the he needed a better challenge. In his lust for a challenge he came upon the well known terror, Cho'Gath. Though he knew of Cho'Gath's victories as a champion in the League of Legends, Keizoid demanded a fight with Cho'Gath. After long, destructive battle, Cho'Gath rose the victor of the battle. In his defeat, Keizoid was furious and demanded that Cho'Gath train him in his fighting techniques, not telling Cho'Gath that he would later use these training's to later defeat Cho'Gath in an epic, destructive battle that he would hope to win. Cho'Gath's training later led Keizoid into join the League of Legends for further training along with his cynical lust for killing.
"As you cross my path, you must prepare for a fight, because I will destroy and devour you!" - Keizoide

Me and my friend (summoner name Troy24) thought up this champion and decided to have the idea known to the Riot company, so after the finishing of our creation, I am posting it to you in hopes that you will at least consider the idea of an extra Void Champion.

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Wow ther is a lot of suggestions hat hardly get commented on. I also had one that was focussed on a passive just like the new champs. But I couldnt find it again then there is also this: