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LoL Chess: Part 2 - The Chase

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Shallow Cubes

Senior Member


I need some help figuring out the appropriate course of action for the Lee Sin player in the following situation. Unfortunately, the game was long enough ago that I cannot remember every detail (or total team compositions), but I can boil it down to the main players. Thank you for your help.


Game: Summoner's Rift
Time: Mid Game

Team One (Blue):
Lee Sin - Jungle.
Poppy - Top.
Mordekaiser (I think) - Mid.
Nami - Support.
Ashe - ADC.

Team Two (Purple):
Shaco - Jungle.
Darius (I think) - Top.
Ezreal - ADC.
Morgana - Support.
????? - Mid.

Pretty vicious team fight breaks out near Blue Team's 2nd mid turret. Mordekaiser dies early since it was a bit of a running engagement back to the turret through the path to Blue's upper jungle. Shaco and Purple Team's Mid get killed under turret, but at pretty great cost to Nami's and Ashe's HP. Darius is running for his life, leaving Ezreal and Morgana to keep fighting. Poppy goes off to chase Darius who has a sliver of HP left, but it looks like he might get away (granted I noticed Poppy had a Hextech Gunblade and was hot on his heels. Maybe it was on CD.). Lee Sin leaves Ashe and Nami to help chase down Darius to secure the kill. As a result, Ashe, Nami, Ezreal, and Morgana all die (thanks to some nifty turret and ignite damage).

Was Lee Sin correct in securing the kill on Darius? What would you have done if you were Lee Sin?

My thoughts:
As the Nami player, I feel like Lee Sin shouldn't have abandoned us to go after a kill that seemed already secured. Had he stayed with Ashe and me, there was a very good chance that we would have survived and been able to counter-push or take an objective.


TL;DR - Secure a kill on Darius while trading ADCs evenly, or potentially let Darius escape while most likely keeping ADC alive?

EDIT: Being on Skype with the Lee Sin and understanding what just happened right after the fight, I felt reasonably justified to stress with him that he should not have abandoned us since we could have easily won the fight and counter-pushed. To which he responded, "Oh, well. At least we got Darius."

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Senior Member


Poppy should have no problem chasing down Darius. Charge, speed boost, hextech, triforce slow vs...nothing. Lee should probably have stayed.
Depending on how fed Poppy was she should potentially have stayed too to kill Ez/Morg, since Darius was out of the fight, and keeping adc alive while killing theirs is more important than killing Darius.

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Senior Member


Would have to know more about items, gold, etc... but if you lost morde early and got out of this 3 for 3, you got out lucky.