Xerath Q damage not consistent

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Summary: The damage of Xerath's Q is partly determined by how long it was charged which is inconsistent with the in-game description.

Expected Results: The damage on Xerath's Q should not be determined by charge time as per in-game description.

Actual Results: Casting the ability when it reaches it's maximum actual range does more damage than at minimum actual range.

Steps to Reproduce:
1) Start channeling using whatever is your preferred method. I used smart cast.
2) Cast on a target when the actual range circle equals the potential range circle and record the results. I used it on the ancient golem.
3) Try again at minimum actual range on the same target and record the results. The damage should be smaller.

Severity: Major. At higher levels, as much as 200 damage can be lost which can decide the outcome of duels. Unless that was the intended result in which case, the tooltip should be updated accordingly which would make this a trivial bug instead.