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Asian Character Sets / Non-English Text

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So, I may have missed the patch when this was changed and what was said about it, however I've noticed something vastly different on my return after playing other games for quite some time.

I can no longer enter Japanese text into the chat, and in fact, my chat defaults to Japanese input for the game anyway, so before the change I would have to remember to change out of it. When playing with my friends who also use Japanese, I could at least communicate some things if I forgot to change my input via a keyboard shortcut and I'm in the middle of something important, however that's not possible anymore and now I input a bunch of useless squares that mean nothing to no one. I still have to switch output anyway.

My main suggestion is, either allow the input of the other character set since some people will likely have a use for it, or somehow get the chat input for the game to default to english character input. For certain chat systems in games, most notably League of legends and LotRO, the coding causes those with a non-english keyboard setting to default to non-english characters.

Seeing as how we can no longer type non-english letters, perhaps use the current input mode of the keyboard instead of the default input? I'm not too sure how the coding for it works. Otherwise if you want to let us use non-english letters again I'd be fine with that too.