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Do you want to see the implementation of an 'Appear Offline' feature

Yes 16 94.12%
No 1 5.88%
Voters 17 .

Appear Offline - A much anticipated feature

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I've seen this on the forums before - numerous times, actually. I think it is finally time to take a stand and show that we, as a community, really want this feature. What i am talking about is the ability to appear offline to people on your friends list. Let's look at some situations where this may come in handy:

1: You are stuck between the choice of playing solo queue, doing well, and disappointing your friend, or playing with them and not going that great due to their less than at par skill. Simply telling them "I want to play by myself 'cause you suck" is not the solution we are looking for Riot! Adding the ability to appear offline would cancel this socially challenging pursuit, and would be especially relevant when these friends are real life ones too. Currently the only way to go about this is to ignore the friend, hence removing them and resulting in more awkward discussions. I am not saying that we cannot simply tell our friends that we would rather play alone, just that sometimes it would be easier to appear offline than having to explain yourself to ten friends who spam you with invites.

2: You want to avoid being spectated and judged on your performance. Whilst this seems to be a minor detail it still holds major relevance as to the way we play. Want to play Teemo top? Yes? Well you can't, because Teemo is the most hated champion in the whole game and your friends will troll you over how terrible a person you are for playing him. Want to try a new free-week champ? No, you can't, you will be judged on your K/D/A, plays, and ability - even though it is your first time. A currently proposed solution to all of this is creating a smurf. Well, sure, but what if you want to play ranked? What if you don't want to compete with new players and rather against people at your level.

Riot, we as a community are asking that you consider implementing a feature such as this. I don't want to say it, but it can't be too hard to add such a minute detail to your already complex system. Please consider our opinion, please hear our voices.

TL;DR - We as the community would like to see a feature that allows you to 'Appear Offline' to the people on your friends list.

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Already a huge thread on this. You make a good explanation, should post it there.