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AD Thresh

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Brainsick Hater



I know he's supposed to be a support, but I just played a game as AD thresh and stomped. Sure it's PBE, but I think there's something to be said for it. We've seen supports go AD in the past, because their items give them enough damage and then they have tons of utility to stack on top of it. Well what if AD Carry Thresh had damage, survivability, and utility? Well, he does.

His Q makes atk speed great because your autos do increased damage based on your souls. It also makes AD great because your first auto on a squishy will do far more than half their health.

His abilities knock threats far away, or bring targets close. He can shield himself and have allies dash to him to help him out. Getting chased? Can't shake that tank? Press R to peel.

But what makes AD Thresh almost OP is souls. Souls make that Q strong, souls give you ability power so you your abilities still hit hard, and souls make you hard to kill. I built zero armor and magic resist, and had 107 Armor and 124 MR when the game was over. All I had was armor seals and MR glyphs. Plus, Thresh has great base health so with just a black cleaver I was rocking over 2k health. Add on a frozen mallet for survivability and almost redundant utility and I'm hard to kill, hard to chase, and tear enemies apart.

Consider it, and try it. Remember to build like an ADC and snowball for those souls.

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Yes I absolutely agree with this. I just tested my first game, started ap, insta swapped to ad.

By end game with around 400 ad damage, his Q passive can build up to 999 damage.

at around 130 or so it was already building up to nearly 400. I don't know how that math works cause it's suppose to be 200% of ad, but it was insane.

His passive builds up his ap, so you have a shield that will help you tank on top of your resistences.

He absolutely reminds me of clockwerk(i think is his name) from dota but with more utility. You Q your way in, cast R to keep them still, cast W for your shield, and wreck face with your autos. If you sit a while, your one auto can build up to nearly 1k damage. That's insane and I feel like the numbers need tweaked, at least the Q passive. With his R being a 1:1 ratio, it does obscene amounts of damage even without building ap, cause your souls takes care of that.

Q passive ratios need lowered or something, same with his R ap ratio. Right now Thresh can be adc and do it really well.

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King of Ferrets



Totally true. His CC will make for great kill-lanes bot, too; pair him with Leona and heads will roll.

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Junior Member


Holy ****, playing him adc bot lane is AMAZING. When I see our jungler coming down river to gank, I immediately toss out a lantern and hook n pull myself to the enemy and the jungler pops up next to me with gap closer/stun still available, its insane!

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Senior Member


ive tried it, its really good