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Make Shop Recommended more user-friendly

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The Recommended items listing also serves as the home tab when opening the Shop menu. I would like to see a few changes to this landing page aimed at improving its convenience.

The current menu lists Starter items at the top. So far, so good; these are the items we nearly always want to look for at the start of the game. However, after ~5mins players aren't likely to buy further items from this list specifically. I propose expanding the list of items shown in the Starter category, and then hiding them after the game clock hits 5mins. This would also reduce the need to scroll down for people with lower resolutions.

Further, Wards are placed at the bottom of the Recommended list. I would like these moved to the top of the Recommended list and placed in a separate Wards category. The list supports two items horizontally, so both ward types can be placed here at the top of the list. Being that wards are a key and staple item, it makes sense that they should be displayed prominently here, instead of hidden at the bottom of the list