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Champ Idea - Levistus: The Spellscarred

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This is just an idea I've came up with and tried to develop in my head for a few days now and i want to see what you all and or riot thinks, sorry bout the wall of text but it's WORTH the read, I had to shorten it's length.

Lore: Levistus was born of noble birth in a rather wealthy family that resided in Noxus. When Levistus was born, his uncle, a former mage from the university, sensed a high concentration of arcane magic within him, unusual for a child. As a teenager he was kidnapped by Noxian assassins, but a rescue team allowed him to escape. He ran and ran until an old hermit found him and took him into care. The hermit listened to his story and began training him into the arcane arts even further. Levistus wasn't taught spells, he was taught the arcane principle and it's potential to how far to push the barriers. Within a couple years he was able to start teaching himself. One day the door to the Hermit's home burst open and a dagger flew into the man's chest, an assassin and some guards entered the room. Levistus blew up one of the walls and ran out. Stunned a little bit the Assassin and the guards engaged into hot pursuit.
They ran until Levistus was corned off at the edge of a plateau. At this time he began to feel emotionally compromised. Levistus withdrew a crystal his teacher owned and somehow absorbed some power from it. he felt energy that he never thought mortals could possess. He started challenging pure energy through his hands and turned to the group. The Assassin flinched as he saw the seventeen year old gritting his teeth and his eyes the color or thunder. Levistus began channeling some spell out of his knowledge, the air around them morphed and the ground illuminated and hummed at arcane words spun through around them then A loud boom echoed and the very air around them lit up and ignited into a large arcane explosion, breaking the ground, the sky, and the space around them.
When he finally officially awoke he was somewhere else. A nurse helped him sit up as she told him of his condition, He was found in pieces across the area, flesh and bones was the only thing they found. Until they began to come together as part of a jigsaw puzzle. The very land was torn asunder as things in the radius of the blast ignored gravity and floated. Levistus wasn't suppose to be alive. Throughout his time resting at the small village he tried to recall his teachings. He could feel the raw arcane in him, but the spell was impossible to cast, a lot he learned became impossible to salvage. He stayed there depressed, hateful, and with no purpose until summoners from the League of Legends came there hearing news of his survival and offered him entry as a combatant. Levistus gladly joined and looks ahead to his new future.

Passive: For each spell cast, target has their MR and Attack Speed lowered for 2 seconds.
Q: Energy Blast - A skillshot (length of about Ahri's Q) That blasts a target, dealing magic damage.
W: Arcane Rain - An area of affect spell that rains down arcane missiles dealing magic damage and reducing their movement speed by 10.
E: Summon Fire Warrior - Levistus summons a burning knight that moves to target champion or minion to attack it. Each attack ignite the target for small damage over 2 seconds. (Strength or a siege minion)
R: Clutch of the Spellscarred - Levistus pulls all nearby targets in a medium length proximity to him. During the spell they are stunned, then after 1.5 seconds he pushes them away absorbing 10% of every victim's mana and converts 5% of the amount of mana absorbed into AP, Levistus then transforms into a being of Arcane magic for 10 seconds. During this time, he gains 10% cool-down reduction, and the AP consumed from the spell, afterwords, these bonus' are gone.

Checkmate you say? come! Take the final piece then!
Your fradgile body disgusts me, let me take hold of your existance and absorb the lifeforce from it!
(To Ryze) I'll show YOU true arcane...magic..
If only i could hide in the dark... (area becomes dim but he glows) ugghh Darn!
(eyes glow) I'll kill youuuuuu-(Scars glow) OWW damnit, ugghh don't want to explode again.
(Eyes Glow) Let me show you...the ways of the- (scars glow) OWW, woah...there was about to be a really big spill.
(unknown. ideas perhaps?)
Time is against us!
Slay them all!
I sense great power over there.
Wise Choice.
Progress is key..
I'm thirst for their magic!
The arcane is with me.
(Says during his ult: Feeed meeee)
uugghhhhAAAHHH (Explodes into arcane)