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What is this team setup BS?

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Had a ranked game today (Lower ELO I'm at 1180) where the enemy team had Riven Top, Lee Jungle, Akali mid, and Panth/Darius bot. They told us to "Prepare for the slaughter" at game start.

We were normal strat with a top shen, Voli Jungle, Malz Mid, Cait (Me) and Taric bot.

Me and Taric wrecked the Panth and Darius because they couldn't get anywhere near me and when Panth did jump stun he was stunned by taric followed by me E'ing out and then straight to kiting damage. They couldn't get to me, I still had range to farm easily, if they tried to zone I just poked them until Voli got there to gank.

To sum up they lost handely and that was with two characters that Low ELO players tend to consider OP, with and also "OP" top and mid in Riven, Akali.

So I guess my point was that people may want to say a two bruiser bot lane would wreck a squishy adc and his damageless support, but the range and early damage works against them, causing the carry to snowball (I had IE/Whisper at the 15 Minute Mark!). We won after 30 minutes and they had only taken a single tower and no dragons.