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Need Some Help/Tips

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I am currently at around 1200 elo. I do not think elo hell exists as I have read a lot into it and it just seems that bad players and bad and do bad and either don't realize it and blame everyone else. I used to do that a lot. A few days ago I tried changing my playstyle from aggressive and risky to passive and smart. I have also changed my attitude from 'everyone sucks but me' to 'I suck and I need to improve.' These changes in play style and attitude have made ME a much better player, however I seem to be losing just as many games.

I always have the most, or close to the most CS. I always ward. I always try to keep morale up by being positive, I always give players tips, I always call mia and I always encourage the team to go for objectives rather than kills. Lately, I have been going positive in the mid and early game. Usually around 2/0/5 as a top lane or jungler. As soon as laning phase ends, I start to go negative. Is this because I just suck at team fighting, or is it because I am forced to rely on my team? For example: I am playing as Vi top. I get early FB and soon after im 2/0/3. I am owning top so I go to help mid. Pick up mid a kill. Then mid dies 3 times in a row for seemingly stupid reasons. Kat is fed. We somewhat group for team fights, players get caught, morg is now 1/11/2 and we are getting pushed to our base. We lose the game and my end score is now 3/4/5.

How can I stop this from happening, does anyone have any basic tips or rules for me to go by? I feel like the root problem is that teams don't know how to team fight, but there isnt really anything I can do IN the game to change that.