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Veigar Grey Beard --> Veigar White Beard

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I see you chosen Veigar along with Grey Beard as your skin because you just love Lord of the Rings so much (possibly Vivi too)! Now any LOTR fan knows that Gandalf The Grey becomes Gandalf the White after coming back from the dead leaving all sorts of immorality and becoming pure.

Now Gandalf the White is known for being the most powerful of all the wizards, as Sauraman should have been if he wasn't tempted by evil. And thus we get to the point of this thread:

I'll make this very simple. At some point Veigar Grey Beard should become Veigar White Beard

When will this occur? perhaps after surpassing 1k ap or something not easily done in any given game.

now i do realize veigar's lore which doesnt really fit the whole pureness part, but it would still be a cool little easteregg cameo