What keeps champions alive?

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TL;DR included below

I've been playing this game since beta, and I always assumed that champions who enter the League are soul bound to the Institute, making sure that if their bodies die by some reason (Non Summoner battles, conflicts, assassination atempts, etc.) then they could be respawned/reborn/rebuilt, explaining why champions who are being hunted (ex: Yasuo) or who want to ensure that if they die, they have a failsafe to keep fighting another day/pursuing their goals (ex: Lucian, Caitlyn, Vi, so many I can't keep count...). What was my surprise when I tried to check my source when I was writing a fanfic and I found nothing. Head-canon ftw!

Point being, how exactly does the League ensure 100% survivability rate on their champions?

Katarina for example, is an assassin who takes high value missions, very very dangerous.
Garen is a frontline soldier, being literally one of the first to enter the fight and the last to get out.
Yasuo is being mother****ing hunted by everyone and anyone.
Swain is hated by at least an handful of champs who have a lot of oppurtunity to kill him immediatly. Same goes for Singed.
Zed runs the risk of being killed at any time by one of the Kinkou, or all of them, who need "balance in all things" at any cost.
Ashe-Sejuani-Lissandra. Especially since one of them has a barbarian filled with rage as a husband (political, but still). Nuff said.
Morgana-Kayle. Lore mentions Morgana wanting to kill Kayle time and time again. Doesn't say why doesn't she simply gank her off the fields and kills her for good.
Vayne is morally obligated to kill at least a few champions, if her lore is anything to go by, which include, but aren't limited to: Elise, Evelynn, Fiddlesticks (justified - he's at the summoning chamber all the time, uberpowerful), old lore Karthus - point still stands -, Shaco, Syndra, Veigar and Teemo - because **** Teemo, that's why.

So the question's simple: why the hell aren't these guys at eachother's throats? They have the means, and they have the oppurtunity. Kassadin and Malzahar fought a couple of times already, but besides that, nothin'. Where's the Diana-Leona fight to the death? Why can't Vi/Caitlyn legally apprehend Jinx? Why, above all else, League members actively belong to the army and are dispatched to deal with situations in which they run serious risks to their continuous existance? And don't give me Gameplay and Story Segregation, this **** ain't DotA, our lore is usually very good, leaving little plot holes, even if it's been vestigial at best in these last couple of years.

TL;DR - What in the name of ****bubbles is keeping ALL champs alive?

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The reason for that is simple:
If for example Leona and Diana would fight to the death,then one of them would die obviously and we'd loose a champion.

It is implied that some of the champs are trying to kill certain other champs outside the league(like you said,malzahaar kassadin fight outside of it and if one of them would die in such a battle they would be dead for good)
They simply don't succeed to kill/capture their targets,because that would result in the loss of a character for us,not to mention that it would practically say that the winner is superior to the looser and making one champ definetly stronger than another one is always bad.

You have to keep in mind,that the league was created to prevent wars.

If jarvan would suddenly kill swain outside the league,he would create a war between noxus and demacia.(and i think it is safe to say that the one who breaks the peace created by the league would become the main target in the war)
However almost no one really wants such a war,it could devestate the whole continent and no one would really gain anything from that.

Overall being a league champ doesn't ensure absolute safety,they can die outside of the league and in that case the league would simply loose a champion.