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Community Service System? Please Read!

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Junior Member


Yes my name is Ironic for what I'm posting about, disregard it!

Hey guys, just wanted to put something I thought up out there...

So I was thinking, IRL convicts usually can decrease the amount of years they are locked up by participating in community service.

This could be a really cool system to implement into the Tribunal System because it would offer banned summoners a chance to slightly decrease their ban time (each day is a big deal...lol.) by participating in "Community Service." Some of these "community service options" can be as follows..

-Judging many cases in the tribunal and acquiring a certain elo OR just reaching a set number of correct cases.

-Helping newer players out on the New Player Forum and being recognized by a Rioter that has the ability to reduce ban times (slightly though).

Since this a newer idea that I've thought up, I haven't thought up too many other service options but I do feel this system can be very successful.

Lastly, some Pros to this system...


  • Summoners get a chance to reduce their ban time while doing good for the community and solving cases on the Tribunal.
  • Exposes summoners to reportable actions that they will learn to avoid in the future so they don't encounter any further bans.
  • Provides newer players with mostly seasoned and experienced players that can help and give good insight on things having to do with league of legends.
  • Gives banned summoners something to do when in the gaming mood if LoL is the only thing they play.

If you find this to be a good idea, PLEASE refer your friends to this bump it!
If not, PLEASE inform me on why this wouldn't work and what can be changed.

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Mitey Oosik

Senior Member


The only drawback i see, is the it's reminiscent of the lvl 20 challenge in which players could prove themselves with a new acct to lvl 20 to be considered in having a ban lifted.

Sadly enough, it failed miserably due to the miserable failures.

Players chose not to reform. I don't see this bring any different.

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Senior Member


I honestly can see a lot of abuse to this system, but I do like the concept behind it. Have you tried emailing lyte with the suggestion to pick his brain? It would be interesting to hear his thoughts on it.