Missing over $75+ of content recently purchased.

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None of my recent purchases are reflecting in game. I recently bought a bunch of champions and a couple bundles giving over 50 champions to select from. I have spent well over 200+ dollars on this game recently, and you can verify this by looking into my recent RP purchase history.
I have not used Direct Debit Payment Method, but used PayPal instead. All my paypal accounts have been settled and I have also called the bank to make sure everything is square down there and they told me everything was on the up and up. Please, this isn't a Direct Debit Payment Method issue, but simply a issue of missing 75+ dollars of expensive content.
But today, I can't access any of the recently bought champions and it's prompting me to purchase them again to get thier skins that are on sale. This includes content that I purchased with IP also. In my recent purchases in the store, it shows all the activity and purchases I've made and it's up to date. Please look into this matter. THank you.

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Im havin the same issue i purchased battlecast cho gath, glaive warrior pantheon and darkflame shyvana and it says i bought them under my purchase history but i cant use them it tells me to unlock them again