Fan Art - KASA Draws All in one

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First of all, I'm sorry I haven't upload an image few days ago as I said I would. I had so many things to complete first in RL but eventualy I found time to complete this drawing.
Second, from now on, I'll post all my art in this thread. I don't want to fload the forum with every single piece of art I do in seperate threads.

Ok now about the image. It's jarvan, sitting on an Noxian throne, holding a trophy of a noxian general in his hand. I don't know much about lore, I don't have a slightest idea wheter or not would he be so ruthless to his enemies that he's counquered but nevertheless I wanted to make him look badass as much as posible, but still, like "this is now my house B***H!) Hope you'll guys like it.


Link to Shaco image:

link to Fiddlesticks image: