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How to win at level 1

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Step 0: Jungler, use IAS runes/movespeed quints, 5-1-24 masteries for fast attack and xp and mobility. I use smite/ghost.

Step 1: invade and let your jungler get the kill for FB, or use enemies red to gank enemy and let jungler get kill. Tower dive if you have to. Use someone from another lane if you have to.

Step 2: Your jungler starts with a razer and hits jungle mobs for 85 bonus damage at level 1, jungling twice as fast as enemy jungler, and making initial 7 potions last twice as long (I use utility masteries for movespeed so lvl 1/2 gank works). Your jungler now can invade with lightning speed, destroy the enemy jungler with superior levels and armor, and generally destroy anyone he comes across since junglers are balanced for starting with machete.

Your IAS and mobility runes/masteries kick in here. IAS + razer + mobility = super leveling.

It is irrelevant if a top or mid champion kills you as well tower diving for FB. They only level as fast as minions spawn, and will come back at level 1 against your level 3 teammates, which will put them at a disadvantage regardless of kill gold. I prefer dying against a bruiser top or caster mid.

Step 3: Go legendary. Master Yi is my favorite now because of his ult reset and lvl 1 500 movespeed with ghost (base 389).