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Some random ideas for more Lore/Champions

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In this thread, I want to share just some random thoughts I had so far about Lore. I really enjoy the stories of each champion and how each are involved with each other. I would like to share a few of these random ideas and see what others think.

For example, in Master Yi's lore, his whole village was destroyed by a chemical that Singed developed to make everyone suffer and die. What if lets say that one other villager did escape from the village but he/she left a bit late. They were there when the village first got hit and she/he had some weird side effects from the chemicals since they were in the process of escaping. He/she could have some plague like attributes or even a mist of decay around them. Not like the cloud of Twitch but a similar idea, or even a changing mist that would effect enemies and allies around this champion.