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I miss Pendragon/Lyte droppin the hammer.....

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So rather than play league you get on these forums to see people get banned? you, sereg, LittleDi and shiister need help

I actually get on here to help players understand the communities decision. It is up to the OP's of those threads and replies that dictate how I will respond. Be nice and I will be nice. Be a dick and my response is blunt and can come off harsh. If it gets to about 3 pages of back forth crud and the OP continues to be in denial about his behavior is continues to exhibit the same behavior on the forums that they were banned for, I will troll you or completely change the subject as continuing to beat a dead horse is pointless. If you don't like the communities assessment on your behavior then don't ask on a public forum for input. It is as simple as that.

And people have comment on some of the way I say things to verbally abusive posters on here, well this isnt' the game and it is a lot more lax compared to the game. Hell I don't really ever talk in game as I am usually on skype or just need to say mia or re. I actually follow my advice. The forums, as long as I'm not threatening you or using racial slurs or cussing you out, then 99% of the time I'm fine.