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Would crit phite work in Dominion? or is malphite better as pure tank utility?

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The big question is, would it do more damage than just AP/Tank/MPen and using your skills regularly?

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Probably no. But it would burst hell of a lot harder. Armorless targets die before they land. Basically Malphite the Assassin, not Malphite the Annoying Tank Bruiser Hybrid.

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I really enjoy running AD Malphite on Dominion. I don't think it's especially strong, but I really really enjoy it. It's not great vs anyone who can kite you, if they cleanse out of your ult or you just can't kill them in time, you're probably not going to do much 1v1 to them. But you beat down other bruisers like a king. In a top cluster fight you can do ridiculous damage though. It's just pretty situational as to when you can be effective. But I cannot get enough of going up against other bruisers and just taking them apart.

I build the following generally-

Boots (depends each game, AR, MR, CDR, and Greaves work)
Infinity Edge
Phantom Dancer
Frozen Mallet
Maw of Mal / Atmas (depends what you need more defense of)

Other items that are good to swap in if you think they will work in the game are
Sanguine - More tankiness via regen
Hydra - If there are lots of cluster fights
Frozen Heart - Need lots more AR and are against a couple of autoattackers
BotrK - Extra catch up power with your Q, and heal reduction
Entropy - Instead of FM if you don't need as much health
Black Cleaver - Gotta have one
Mercurial Scimitar - Against WW/Malz etc

And even more I guess. I find him pretty forgiving in terms of Item choice, he can fit most situations to some extent. If it all fails just build tanky AP.

Maxing E first is generally a better idea I find, but Q is just as useful mostly. W is still a 1 point wonder despite it buffing your AD. CDR is great because your ult is needed, but I wouldn't go more than a Frozen Heart for it.