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Possibilities to add lore into league.

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General Salami

Junior Member


Hey all,

as we all know, lore isn't that present at the moment in the league of legends. Everything we've got are championbackgrounds, which i think is too little. But how can we add lore to the league?
Some ideas i had:

Skin Lore
With all the recent "Mech Skins", it would be cool to have something like a little icon on a skin (in the client), that appears if your hover your mouse over it. Clicking on it would open a window which gives some pieces of information. Something like the background on Battlecast Cho, e.g. why he became a machine, what consequences it had, how relationships did change etc. On some skins, like Emerald Taric, one or only few sentences would be enough, because of the "only recolour"-nature of the skins. Also some of the "fun-skins" like "Kittycat Katarina" and "Battlebunny Riven" could be connected through a beauty battle of Valoran or something. There are plenty of options.

-great diversity
-relatively easy to implement (technically)
-skins would maybe feel more "worth it"
-some event-skins could provide more lore on the event (e.g. snowdown showdown)

-"just text" - might be not that interesting to read for every skin. (Audio implementation for legendary skins?)
-not every skin fits into lore (surprise party fiddle?), would be difficult to force them into lore canon

Ingame lore presentation through audio
Something that Riot already has done to a small extent, but there are plenty of options. Riot has mostly championspecific interaction, e.g when one champ kills the other. Other possibilities you could think of would be shopping. On the Shadow isles, if Yorick, who is somehow related to there, picks up the Blade of the Ruined King, could say something like "A sword from before the Shadow times; might be useful". No great example, but you get the idea. Also visiting some places on the maps (Baron on SR, or Windmill on Dominion) could make the champs say something.

-Interesting through audio nature
-On release something that might be rewarding to find out
-Could intensify champions lore

-Having to buy item to get lore isnt that great (imagine Munamane had an interaction with Riven or Infinity Edge with Soraka. Who would find that out?)
-Only makes sense in a few cases
-somewhat hard to find

A series of League minigames
Riot could make some minibrowsergames, maybe 2D-style or retrostyle, like old jump and runs, featuring a small adventure with a champion. Or something like a little series of adventurelike riddle solving. Of course, these games would have to be short, and somehow minimalistic in a creative way, because making something like that for 109+ champs is first difficult, and if you want to have high grafical standard, you spent like way too much effort in this. I could see a optimal length in maybe 10 to 15 minutes. Maybe these games could feature a narrator or the champion intro music as additional plus.


-Interactive lore
-Could add depth to character
-No really ultrahigh quality standards to browsergame nature


-Still lots of work (109+ champs!)
-Could not match Riot's quality standards
-Great chance of repeating (like, if u do that for every champ, you get like a few dozens of fighting games. Making them feel significantly different is... difficult

That were my ideas so far, what are yours? What pros and cons do you see?

ElfPurse from EuW

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Senior Member


Love the idea of skin lore. even the ridiculous ones. They would be a little more tongue and cheek obviously but since each skin represents somewhat of an alternate universe, I think it would be fine. Like surprise party fiddle. "After finally finding what he was waiting for the eastern most summoning chamber, fiddlesticks was overcome with joy etc etc etc." I didn't put that much thought in to it but you get what i mean. it could even be more ridiculous than that. (I wouldn't mind hearing what people come up with for battle bunny riven hahaha).

The others would be cool, but seem a LOT harder to implement.

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Senior Member


LoL does have lore, but it's been 'hibernating' for a while. There used to be the JoJ and the Judgements, but they stopped doing that so they could work on other stuff to express the lore better. They brought champion AMA's back though, and they've become the main source of lore after the champion bios. Right now Riot is very careful with the lore, they don't want to put in too much and lock themselves with what they can do.

Skins are largely considered to be non-canon, except for maybe snowdown and harrowing skins, which were vaguely referred to as 'costumes for the occasion', otherwise there really doesn't need to be any lore associated with them.

The audio lore is just meh, it requires a vast amount of resources and requirement to be implemented directly into the game code, useing much more memory etc. It's too costly and risky and brings little to the game.

As for league minigames, I'd imagine they'd be standalone, and again, they will require a large amount of resources, something that an entire team would have to work on.