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My last ban was almost 5 months ago. Is one bannable game since then a 2 week ban?

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Don't ask "If my ban is worth it" and then rage and get sad because you didn't get the answer you wanted to hear. It all but confirms the ban, even though your reported cases are more than enough to confirm.

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I've seen 3 bannable games, 1 questionnable, 1 pardon.

Game one you overreacted madly to Cho - then threw the game by saying "I'm farming all game". That's an instapunish for the very, VERY vast majority of Tribunal users.

Game two, some beautiful gems

Pantheon [00:04:31] ****ing jungle

Pantheon [All] [00:13:17] i had forgotten how annoying league people were after my 2 weeks of just dota
Pantheon [All] [00:13:23] god you idiots are annoying
Pantheon [All] [00:13:30] ignoring you and reporting at end teemo

They seriously didn't type much of anything, and it seems they were just missing plays. So, yes, you really go wild at people for having bad games and playing badly, unlike what you tell us. It seems you're okay with the idea of having a bad game only if you are the one having a bad game. Sorry, but it's not how it works in the real world.

Game three.

Janna [00:25:09] i was right
Janna [00:25:13] your mom did not say no

Why would you even write that. What's the point. Not a bannable game though.

Game four. Look at this beautiful overreaction

Syndra [00:27:26] and u were dead because you were running around without us
Syndra [00:27:32] just saying its time to group
Nidalee [00:27:34] dude im carrying you
Nidalee [00:27:36] calm the **** down

Some guy tells you something, calmy, and you answer "Calm the **** down". He was calm. That's a point I see in every game. Someone tells you something absolutely minor and then you fly off the handle. That one's semi-bannable. No proof of you feeding at the end game other than the "You're Welcome" to Graves.

Game 5 was a classic bad game blamefest. Pro-tip: don't participate.

Now, the reason why you have a 2 week ban is because of your past behavior. It probably took a huge amounts of reports to get you back into the Tribunal, as your account was most likely rehabilitatd by that point. However, while the amount of reports needed to get back into the tribunal is reset, where you were in the time bans is not. Next one is most likely a permaban. And your account is back on the fast track to the Tribunal lane.

You seriously need to stop overracting to everything people tell you. I would have punished that case. No question.

Thank you for your response. Only sane one so far.