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@Riot: Please and Thank You

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I have never made an @Riot thread, or made a request of the staff that I can remember. The game is amazing, and I thoroughly enjoy it.

So, to my request:

I understand the problems and difficulties with server maintenance and updates. But please, try your hardest to hold yourselves to the estimated uptimes. Don't trash the game or rush if it can't be done, as I certainly don't want the game to go up for an hour and crash after that! But, if at all possible, I would love to see the game up at 7:00 AM, PST.

Along with that, I would much rather have a voucher system for boosts, be they XP or IP boosts - so that when the server goes down, you can re-start the timed IP boost at your own convenience. I know, especially when it's an unscheduled time, or when downtime is extended, it extends boost time... but I can't always play during the time when the game comes back up. This would be absolutely amazing, and I'd be extremely excited to see something like this implemented.

inb4 "ok"