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An Epic for LoL

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I've decided to create and compose a series of poems, and try and combine them together to create a inter-mingled storyline. I will advance and expand upon these, these are just the beginning. I intend to add one a day, and combine at least 1 every 2 days, to put it together. There are a total of 108 champions, this project will take the span of several months, and I will update regularly

Reason :
The reason I am doing this is to expand a little creativity. I find that as an IT Support Specialist, Life can be kind of dull within the office ,and I realized that I needed not only something to abide my time whenever I am not re-imaging or updating computers to add a little spark of creativity to my life again, and decided to use that spark to indulge in one of my desires, both writing, and video games.

[These are the dates in which to expect the new ones to be out, The ones with additional title, E.G "The Tragedy of Trust" Are going to be nearly full length feature. ]

Anivia : Protectorate of the Freijord Ft. , Ash, Nunu(And Willump)
Coming Soon. 1-10-2013

Coming Soon. 1-11-2013

Tristana and Teemo
Coming Soon. 1-12-2013

Jayce and Viktor
Coming Soon 1-13-2013

Caitlyn and Vi(six)
Coming Soon. 1-14-2013

Coming Soon. 1-15-2013

Talon and Katarina
Coming Soon 1-16-2013

Darius and Draven : Opposing Brothers
Coming Soon 1-17-2013

Riven [The Exile Ft. Singed]
Coming Soon 1-18-2013

[b] Warrick and Soraka: [The Tragedy of Trust]
Coming Soon 1-19-2013


Once a little girl with an innocent life
In the heart of demacia, a land free of strife
Young and naive she thought she was safe
Though her family targed with evils' gaze
The hag came in the night under the shadows vale
Shuana Vayne ran from her families wails
A burning hatred was born on that date
A consuming fury that shall never be sate
It scorches and thrives on evils demise
its power is justice, its will never denied
Now a woman, a warrior to behold
As beautiful and cunning as she is bold
She became the nighthunter, as legends have told
She hunted darkness wherever it lies
With silver tipped arrows they met thier demise
The lives of evil will never be the same
After meeting the nighthunter, The huntress named Vayne
As she looked to horror at the League
She could not fathom, she could not believe
At the evil there, That thrives and fights
The champions of order, The champions of light
She decided to join, to fight and compete
In the League of Legends, a champion to be
A symbol of duty, of passion, and right.
With silvertipped arrows, she will end thier lives.


Malzahar, and Kog'Maw
Icathia Beckons, the darkness calls
From the void came the creature, known as Kog'maw

It was birthed from a seer, who traveled to an Icathia Destroyed
A seer known as Malzahar, the prophet of the void
He tried to resist, the void that called
The voice that came, the voice that apalled
Its sinister nature that could not hide
Its tempting allure that couldnt be denied
Through the shurmia desert he traveled far and wide
Without supplies or a care for his life
He arrived at Icathia, not a moment too soon
Where he transcended life, and was granted a boon
His visions replaced with images that bore
Valoran, The league, and the Institute of war
This transformation opened a rift
Where a creature of the void washed adrift
This was a being that shouldnt exist,
A being known as kog'maw, the mouth of the abyss.

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loved the va