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Lady Grey: The Undying

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Kill Joyy



Lore: Lady was the wife of a government official. She was murdered by poison which in its after effects left her body untouched by the passage of time or decay also, Lady's soul was trapped in her body where she was plotting her revenge not knowing how long she would wait for her chance.
Lady waited for 150 years before someone accidently revived her. It was a Novice Summoner trying to make a name for himself by improving Revive. His goal was to make the spell faster, better, and worthwhile on the Field of Justice. This summoner was having no luck until one day he found an old burial mound where Lady was laid to rest. The Summoner found her body in perfect shape and successfully cast his Improved Revive on her. a little bit off yes she came back to "life." The Summoner thinking he had finally discovered his spell worked had a short lived joy for Lady Grey now needs blood to stay moving for she will never die drank the poor summoner till there was nothing but bone and flesh left.
Lady wandered for a long time taking blood her and there when she needs it saving her bloodlust for those that killed her. Hearing of the League Lady heads there to get as much information as possible and maybe even find her killers’ descendants....

Stats: Lady is a tanky Melee Mage. (Bad with balancing so will leave this blank same with her spell's

Looks: Lady is dressed in all Grey with Very pretty red eyes a long dress and nice shoe's no weapons can be seen on her but if you look close enough her nails are covered in the blood of those she has drank.

Alternate skin ideas: Lady dressed in all black, red, or bright pink.

Abilities: Lady's spells take health other than Drip Drop and Withdrawal.

Passive Blood Rage: as Lady's Health decreases she gains bonus move speed (1% per 2% missing) and Armor (2 per 1% missing)

Q Drip Drop: Lady bites the neck of her opponent inflicting (50/75/100/125/150) magic Damage (.3 ratio) also healing by the base Damage Cool down 10 seconds

W Scratch: Lady scratches her target for (50/100/150/200/250) magic Damage (.2 ratio) also Inflecting a stack max 4 of Blood Craving giving Drip Drop bonus Damage as true Damage every stack for 25 Damage cool down 7 seconds

Able to be used when Lady has not drank blood for (x) time
E Withdrawal: Lady's body starts to shut down due to lack of blood causing her vision to dim also losing team sight but if she has Clairvoyance it will give her sight and her speed to slow by 15% but increasing her Damage by 25/50/75/100/125 magic damage.

R Undying: Upon killing blow by an enemy this spell is activated giving Lady the will to drain the blood from nearby champions giving her one stack of Drained blood every 4 seconds if she can get 20 stacks before this spell ends 25 seconds she will revive at that spot with full health and withdrawal bonus Damage for 3 seconds if she does not get to 20 before 25 then that stacks give her a reduced respawn time by 2% per stack

Please commit and leave tips on how to improve her and if your good with being able to balance could you plz leave some help with numbers.

Thanks in Advance and I hope to see you all on the Fields of Justice.

PS: if riot ever looks at this and like the idea feel free to have it. I give you all the rights

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Kill Joyy



Re bump for help and reviews