Ranked Teams 2 games left

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Basically, my team the ExLaws, we're currently 3-0, but because no one on my team wants to do teams anymore, and we have 2 days before we become inactive, but I really wanna finish the last 2 games and get to 5-0 and get a medal for my team.
I need 4 more people to fill in or sub, and if we win, then you can be a full time part of the team.
I play top laner, but can do whatever. I just need 4 people that can mid, jungle, ad, and support. So if you're at least 1350ish or higher, then add me, IGN: JeremyWatchout
Please let your current elo be around 1350, I don't want you to say it's 1350, or 1400 when you're really at 1200 or something.
But if you're looking for a team, post here with your role, and your current elo, not highest, and then hopefully we can finish the last 2 games within the next 36 hours.
Thank You.