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Primary Glitches Currently in game that I have experienced

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So I have been playing for about 3 years roughly and I have come across some glitches that usually are fixed in a mini patch but as of late the most recent patch has not fixed issues that are still current in the game. I will list the fallowing glitches in order of when they have occurred.

1. Alkali well there are a few to mention but the most concerning one is that if I am playing Kog maw I am unable to see her If i ult her in her Twilight Shroud as she is Stealthing I lose vision of her even if my mark is on her. 2nd is that if I am playing warwick if i ult her and she uses Twilight Shroud and Stealths while I am ulting her my ult will cancle it self and she will receive no damage and my ult will go on CD. 3rd if i am using Oricals and she uses her Twilight Shroud she will be stelthed if she uses it within vision rage of me while i have oricals active.

2.Vi this is a glitch that happens to me quite often its when i am using her skin and i use a ability her body will turn blue completely and i cant see her for the remainder of the game.

3.Darius this has only happened once but i feel it needs to be addressed I was playing jungle and I went top to gank nasus and he used Wither on me and i was unable to auto attack him once for the duration until it wore off he became untargetable to any ability's for as long as the duration lasted.

4. Nunu this was a really weird one because i was testing it out to make sure I wasn't being a total whinny baby about it but Unfortunately I was wrong and this glitch really didn't make since but what happened was that anytime I would ult in any bush they would acquire vision of me as soon as they had steeped into my AOE ring and I was wondering if the bush was warded but i had oricals on me the whole time and no one on there team had clairvoyance so i was confused as to how they saw me but regardless I feel this is a bad glitch should be addressed soon as i have stopped playing nunu because of it mainly its difficult to usually use his ult and charge it up in a actual team fight and i usually get suppressed before i can use it so its a matter of waiting in bushes but its kinda hard to surprise someone if they can see you once they reach the ult.

5.The main problem with most of the glitches that I am seeing and i cant remember all of them is the fact that they where all in the PBE and i figure that the PBE is expected to have glitches hence the name BETA but when a game is release to the live client i would expect most of the glitches fixed and marked off so that the game play is more enjoyable