What do you think of this skin for Blue Moon Diana

Wow its an amazing Idea 2 66.67%
No way thats too weird 0 0%
Its awesome it plays to her innocent side 1 33.33%
Sparkly Unicorns! 0 0%
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Skin Concept, blue moon Diana

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The Blue moon is a moon that come around every so often during the harvest. I was thinking having her hair be like a pail blue. A silver head dress that almost looks Elvish so kinda like this: https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/i...WkAZpjyqB6mM-q but without covering up her solari symbol. Armor that has a silvery blue like half skirt in the back. Like very light armor that kinda looks glassy. No make up on eyes and curly ish hair half up in a pony tail. To where its like shes going to prom, but if prom was on a battle field.