Question about Orianna's ult

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So I fighting a kat on mid yesterday and we had a tussle where I could've killed her where I did this. E> Flash > R.

She was pretty good with her reactions though and flashed it and ran away ;(

However, an idea occurred to me that I thought someone might know the answer to.

I was watching one of the eu lcs games and one of commentators mentioned you could do a pulverize flash on ali and get the instant knock up since his pulverize has a bit of a wind up animation. So it occurred to me. Would this work with orianna? So the combo would look like E> R (start)> Flash> R (finish, dmg and cc component). Or does the ult animation lock orianna and make this un-doable?

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SFG mAEtb0y

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Somehow I doubt that this works, and if it did we would probably see pro players pick Orianna and do it a lot, and then it would get removed very fast. However, it is probably a good idea to go into a custom game and test it.