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Is Wriggle's Viable Top Lane?

I think it still has it's place in certain matchups. 6 46.15%
No, Wriggle's is a jungler only item, and if a top laner builds it they are a total n00bLord 7 53.85%
Voters 13 .

Wriggle's Lantern

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Junior Member


I believe this item is still viable for top lane almost primarily because of the free ward. I normally end up buying 6-8 wards during the LANING phase alone, After 7 wards, the sell value on Wriggle's is worth more than you actually paid for the item.
Now, say you keep this item throughout the game, it's like having two cloth armor, a vamp scepter, and improved Ignite on cooldown. (5 bonus AD) As well as a free ward every 90 seconds, that's roughly 8 gold per ten and the most efficient gp10 item in the game other than sightstone.
The proc on the lantern also greatly helps with dragon and baron control throughout the game as well as counterjungling the enemy! Sweeping down for the red or blue buff when you know it should be up and the enemy jungler is occupied elsewhere.
I'll be running some tests to back up the efficiency of the item in the top lane. The proc still does effect lane minions, and you wouldn't start with the machette. Maybe if you went cloth + 5 red sodas at the start and built into the razer, one ward, and boots on your first back, then got your Wriggle's, you wouldn't be down any gold. And cloth +5 is fairly common against certain toplane opponents. Especially if you get counterpicked and you know you're going to need to last until your jungler can gank.

Just some food for thought, I'll update later.

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Your poll is obnoxious and demeaning. "Agree with me or you're a troll!" Someone got yelled at for building Wriggle's top.

That said? It has its place. Most bruisers can find time for AD, Armor, Lifesteal, and a ward. Maim doesn't go to waste while farming, either.

The drawback is that it delaying core items like Irelia's Sheen/Wit's, Darius' Phage, or Riven's Brutalizer by 1600 gold. Some champs simply can't wait that long.

Of course, you knew all of this.

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Well, bruiser top are champ who are super strong with some stuff, and wriggle delay ur item by a bit. Also, u get enough early sustain from flask/ a dblade that the lifesteal isnt that much.

Another thing is that there are better thing to rush, like a bruta for the early game top laner.

So if ur an irlelia or jax u dont want, if ur a riven u dont want.

On wich top would u consider wriggle???

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Wriggles is still good at top lane when you need AD, Lifesteal and Armor. The ward is great too.

Heck, if you are playing a split-push heavy top (Nidalee, Teemo) Sightstone, or even Ruby Sightstone can be a good pickup. A ward for Baron, a ward for enemy jungle, and the potential for another enemy jungle ward if you upgrade to Ruby? They are amazing map control items, and map control can very easily lead to a crushing victory for your team if you can abuse it.

Of course, if you are planning on playing the 'lane for 15-20 minutes, then group up and bash yourself into the enemy team over and over' strategy, the ward items are vastly over costed.