[Champion Concept] Jo'Shuan, The Psychomancer (WIP)

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{Passive} Mind's Eye
Jo'Shuan's basic attacks peer into the mind of his target, revealing a small area around them for 5 seconds. This effect can only happen once every 8 seconds.

{Q} Mesmerize
Jo'Shuan painfully assails a targeted enemy's mind, knocking them unconscious (stunning them) for 2/2.25/2.5/2.75/3 seconds, doing 80/130/180/230/280 (+30% AP) damage.
Cooldown; 17 seconds

{W} Horror
Jo'Shuan shows his target visions of their greatest fears, fearing them for .5/1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds. If the target is asleep (i.e. stunned by mesmerize), they also take 100/150/200/250/300 damage.
Cooldown; 22 seconds

{E} Psychopath
Turns targeted ally into a merciless killing machine, increasing their AD, AS and Armor by 50% for 5/6/7/8/9 seconds. After the buff, the target's movement and attack speed is slowed by 20% for 3 seconds.
Cooldown; 30 seconds
Note; The buff icon says "Mother! Oh god, mother! Blood! Blood!"

{Ultimate} Mass Confusion
Screams into the minds of all enemies in the target area, Doing 200/400/600 (+20% AP) damage and leaving them stunned, silenced, feared, or in rare cases even taunted towards their own allies! These effects last 4 seconds.
Cooldown;160 seconds

{Bonus Hidden Passive!} Wh... Where's the brain?
Since he directly attacks enemy's minds, Jo'Shuan's abilities and attacks do one less damage to any mechanical enemy champion (Blitzcrank, Orianna, Full Machine Viktor, etc.)

Health; 380 (+80)
Health Regen; 3.5 (+.7)
Mana; 250 (+70)
Mana Regen; 7 (+.7)
Range; 480
Attack Damage; 48 (+2.625)
Attack Speed; .625 (+2%)
Magic Res; 30
Move Speed; 335

There was once a great and powerful family of mages, their line revered for their mastery of the mind. But their time of glory is long past, their art lost to the ages.
Jo'Shuan, a young scholar in piltover, went about his life, researching, reading, and quite happy. Unbeknownst to him, but knownst to us, he was the last of this line, heir to unbelievable power. He soon found himself drawn to the workings and machinations of the mind. He was insatiable, devouring every book, treatise, scroll and tome he could lay his hands on. He was a veritable prodigy in the subject, soon becoming the most respected and knowledgable in the field. He had finally found his calling.
Then, upon his twenty-first birthday, he came of age. The power of his ancestors awoke within his body, coursing through his brain, nearly tearing him apart. He struggled to keep his mind from flying apart, knowing only sheer willpower would keep him alive. He blacked out from the pain.
When he awoke he knew what had happened for along with the power had come knowledge of his ancestry and his newfound power, but the transfer had been incomplete. He was missing a great deal of knowledge, which he would have to find himself.
He realized that this power would revolutionize his field by allowing him to go directly into his subject's mind.
So he went to the League, which contained some of the greatest and most unique minds in runeterra.
He would continue his research on the fields of justice, and, with luck, gain back that lost knowledge.

So, let me know what you guys think. This is my first submission, so I'm looking forward to your feedback!

Update History
1/7/13; Altered cooldowns and damage so he would be a bit less OP, and nerfed Psychopath a bit.

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This guy has some serious power brewing in those spells. If you are gonig to have him do that much magic damage and coupled with this much CC, I would suggest long cooldowns. I like that every spell is a nuke. I'm assuming by "asleep" you mean stunned.

This guy kind of has a Fiddlesticks feel to him. Seems easy to use, and could easily become a crowd favorite. I'm only concerned that his nukes may be too powerful. I mean his Q at level 1 is a 2 second stun with 80 damage. If I ran a Doran's ring on that, 15 ap = approx. 92 damage(80+12). Then again morgana's Q does pretty much same thing.

I almost feel like Psychopath is too much steroid. With that much power running through their veins, there has to be some side effect when it ends. Like maybe 25% ms slow for 3 seconds. Plus its cooldown would have to be long enough so that its not everlasting.

Love the concept, I think this guy would be alot of fun to use.