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League of Legends crashes to desktop

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Hey! I've been having some major issues with League of Legends lately. Basically, I go in and start a game. Champion selection finishes, and I hear the Windows 'attention' noise. I minimize League, reopen the window, and it tells me that it couldn't connect to the server. I tell it to retry, wait a while, minimize-maximize the game, and it works.

Lately, however, it hasn't been working after my second minimize-maximize. All it's been doing after that is going to not responding. I get the Windows "LoL Client is not responding" message, and it doesn't give me any option except to close League. Normally, I can reboot it and get back in-game, but... Lately, every time I try to play, it crashes. I'm getting really frustrated by this; I just want the game to work.

Anyone have any advice or solutions? Or anyone know what's going on?