Locket of the Iron Solari - On non supports

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Red Ryu

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I really think some Brusers and Junglers should pick this item up more, it's really cheap and gives a lot of great stats for its price, along with a very useful active.

I'm not sure how to calculate gold worth in stats, but at 2K this item it pretty efficient and cheap to buy for characters looking for health and Armor, with a some regen, CDR, and a very good active. I'm seeing some 1600 elo players pick this up top like on Xin, for example. It really does look like a good item at this point people aren't picking up on nor using.

It just gives more than Frozen Heart for a few characters even in some MUs, heck may not be able to since another champ is building it.


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i always put it into my renekton build. it synergies a bit with my atmas and provides all around stats i can use. plus the shield is nice to have incase i need to escape with low health.