Frostguard Citadel inquries

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I am working on constructing a model of the Frostguard Citadel but I have a few questions about it's location and design. It would be great if a Rioter could give me insight about what their ideas were about the citadel and the Freljord in general.

Here is a screenshot from the Freljord event video,

From what I read, this is Lissandra standing in front of the Citadel. Two things I noticed is that it appears to be built into a glacier/cliff of sorts. Was the Citadel imagined to be mostly built into a glacier/cliff like structure with an outer wall and courtyard to guard the entrance? What did you (Riot) imagine the overall structure to be like?

Last question, is the howling abyss a part of the citadel, or is it a separate structure?