Vel'Koz Champ or Skin preview?

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I cant be the first one to mention this but in the Battlecast Vel'Koz skin there is a figure floating behind him that doesn't seem familiar to me. This could just be me not seeing the obvious but if it isn't then what do you think it is? A new champ or skin is what seems most likely considering the amount of foreshadow we have had in splash arts in the past.

Image of highlighted character:

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you are definetly not the first to mention this,there are already many threads about it.
But anyway,yes it looks like it'll be an upcoming champ,said being also appears on one of creator viktors call back screens.

Some people say it could be battlecast anivia,because the blue prints for cho'gath prime listed several future bc-champs(SKA for skarner,MAW for kog'maw etc.)but i doubt it,said blue prints say ANV,which is actually not part of anivias name,the wings of that thing look into the opposite direction,anivia has already a robo skin and it doesn't have a bird head
also there'd be no reason to hide it like that if it was an existing champ,after all riot had no problem showing us bc skarner and bc kogmaw in the creator viktor splash,but they hid bc vel'koz from us