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A somewhat bad trend in the community

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I think players should have a title beneath their name, stating which position they most want to play. This could be used for matchmaking improvements with a toggle option, set to off by default.

This would actually be a pretty good idea. Why is it downvoted? It would solve a lot of hassle, yelling, and first pick nonsense.

I agree... My thoughts from another thread (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=33250925&posted=1#post33250925)...maybe something like an in-game profile where you can select a main, and select like 3 champ types (compared to "roles&quot in order from most to least preferred, and then have it pop up like:

Main: Blitzcrank | Prefs: Support > Mage > Tank"

There could maybe be like 10 seconds before champ select begins so that everyone can see what everyone else prefers to play in a small section under their name or a pop-up when you mouse hover over their name... The rest would be common sense and discussion, hopefully, like, "Oh, first pick was X champion on the other team... SummonerPerson mains their exact counterpick, maybe s/he should get that champion."