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(January 2012 MCCC) [Genesis, The Harbinger of Evolution]

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Still Eternity

Senior Member


Pretty cool but if there was a possibility of making him a hybrid kinda like Jax so that Jungling would be possible (or at the very least effective) and it would make much more sense to have a Viktor with him. How sick would that be? Top Genesis Viktor Mid and Blitzcrank support? Hell ya. Also I'm not sure how to make him melee though dropping range would make his kit look odd at best but if you've gotten this far I hope you could think about that (besides there aren't that many effective hybrids besides Jax (Akali and Katarina don't count) so it would make sense to throw in another hybrid. If through some miracle Riot goes with this (I hope so) they should have mirroring(ish) skins. Good Job.

Hybrids are notoriously hard to balance, and given that Genesis would require a major overhaul to become a Hybrid Champion, I would have to say he wouldn't become one. I also don't think I'm up to the task of balancing a Hybrid @_@.

He can (theoretically) already jungle fairly effectively with his W Ability, so reworking him to incorporate AD doesn't seem to be needed.

Thanks for the Review!

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Imperium Omnium

Junior Member


I'll give that hybrids are a pain to balance out, well still it's a great idea and it would be amazing if riot actually made this guy. Also huge props on the lore I really liked it. The only problem I do have is with the adaptation points, simply because there are to many points and the added benefits tend to get a little bit "unfair". Also explain deals 5% extra damage from all sources... You mean like extra damage from lich bane and Liandrys torment? Or a debuff that makes that target take more damage from EVERYONE.

Also I think it would make more sense if his Electric Impulse gave him passive movement speed but hey who doesn't love free CD?

Finally (I just really love this idea) a lot of his skills contemplate Jungling and since Diana has been nerfed a new AP jungler should take over. His move speed steroid and slow is great for ganks and his W makes for Jungling efficiency. I would make his adaptation points even more jungle friendly but that's up for you to decide.