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Infinite Bugsplats @ Loading Screen.

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Kakyoin Noriaki

Senior Member


Okay, this is the fourth time this has happened to me. I'm just waiting for another Leave to be smeared on my account because of this problem.

I played 4 games earlier today with no issues (http://www.lolking.net/summoner/na/25307684#history). I had locked in Ashe and I was about to play a 5th game when suddenly the game client refuses to load and bugsplats appear no matter how many times I relog and reach the loading screen.

Windows Updates are fully up-to-date. I restarted my computer twice. Still, I am unable to connect to the game using any means whatsoever, and only when the game ends (the other 4 Summoners finish it) am I able to play again. To describe the problem more in-depth, after the Champion Select screen disappears, the in-game client loading screen would appear, but immediately vanishes and gets replaced by the Bugsplat report window. I've already reported this issue a few times, but here (http://report.bugsplatsoftware.com/browse/crashinfo.php?vendor=lol_beta_riotgames_com&app=LOL_Public&version= is my most recent report if it's useful.

In the past, it seems to only happen once and then go away, waiting to come back at some random time. This time I had full Windows Updates though--usually doing Windows Update and then restarting fixes the issue (either that or the game has ended by the time I'm done with the process) and then I can play games normally again without any issues--until weeks later when the problem comes back again, giving me a Leave and preventing me from connecting to the game at all.

I'm using Windows 7 64-bit and I have college ethernet, which has been proven stable due to my other games played. I'm using Symantec Endpoint Protection antivirus. I doubt listing my computer hardware can assist with this issue.

It's a bit redundant, but here's a picture of my match history from Lolking, with the bugsplat window and file sending approval window: http://imgur.com/FZ5Hg (http://imgur.com/FZ5Hg)

Edit: The game finally ended and I'm marked as a Leaver, as indicated here: http://imgur.com/SnTLw (http://imgur.com/SnTLw) and here in the game client profile match history: http://imgur.com/jj989 (http://imgur.com/jj989)

Edit 2: Going to try playing a game and will see if the client lets me. (It did, I can load without any bugsplat happening).

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Junior Member


Im having the same problem as you man