Katoah, Lord of the Dunes

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This is my first time creating a champion, so any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Katoah, Lord of the Dunes


Katoah was a pharaoh in the Shurima desert long ago, in ancient times. He ruled his kingdom with an iron fist, spreading the worship of the mighty desert spirit, which he told his people thwarted attempts to raid their wondrous civilization for its wealth. He built monuments to this deity, and quickly and violently quashed any refusal to pay tribute to it. His people grew increasingly weary of paying tribute to the desert which drank all their water, grew few crops, and cut off contact with the rest of the world outside of their city. A resistance organized to dethrone the zealous pharaoh, and in no time at all, a full scale revolt was taking place outside Katoah’s palace. In a furious plea to his god, he asked for the power to crush the non-believers, who did not deserve the gifts of the sands.

Moments afterward, the doors of the palace exploded open, and Katoah, his form now composed entirely of living sandstone, stood among torrents of sand which poured out of the palace into the rioting crowd. Sand lifted off the ground and created a deafening gale, quickly drowning the entire city and everyone in it in the desert’s choking storm. Katoah buried the entire city, deeming none within worthy of serving him any longer.

Centuries later, his rest was disturbed by an archaeological dig, stirring the sands he had placed and uncovering his buried city. Infuriated by the gall of these mortals, he erupted from the desert in the middle of their camp, sending the excavators fleeing. Katoah realized that he would need a way to show the entire world the power of the desert, and made his way north, eventually coming upon the Institute of War...


Katoah is a physically imposing man with a body made of sand. He wears a traditional full head pharaoh mask, like what is seen on a sarcophagus, and silver hued armor in the Egyptian style (Much like Nasus’ or Renekton’s style). His skin looks like sandstone, but turns to sand when struck, moving with the blow, and then reforming to its original shape. He attacks by changing his arm to a torrent of sand and striking the enemy, and then pulls it back.


Katoah is meant to be played as an AP/AS tank or bruiser, with jungling potential. He fights by eroding his opponent’s defenses while healing himself and repeatedly blinding them, weathering the opponent down over time, like a sandstorm itself. He is especially potent against melee champions and AD bruisers, although his blind is still useful against ranged AD carries. Against a mage, he must usually rely on his ultimate’s silence to wear them down. He initiates by taking advantage of the enemy team’s poor positioning, using his Grip of the Pharaoh to hold them together, then moving in and using Howling Sandstorm to silence the enemy, preventing them from reacting with spells, and Sandblasting them whenever it is available.


(Numbers are very tentative, not really sure how to make them decent without making them OP at the moment.)

Passive: Sandskin
Katoah’s skin catches an enemy’s attacks in heavy sand, slowing melee attackers’ attack speed and movement speed by 1.5% for 5 seconds. This ability stacks up to 10 times.

Q: Sandblast

Cooldown: 14/13/12/11/10 seconds
Range: 475
90 degree cone

Katoah sends a wave of sand forward in a cone, dealing 60/125/175/225/275(+.7 AP) magic damage and blinds enemies for 2 seconds.

W: Eroding Strikes
(Still debating on whether this should only apply on melee attacks, or if it should add a stack on ability damage too)

Cooldown: 20/17/14/11/8

Passive: Katoah’s attacks cause sand to grind against the enemy’s defenses, reducing their armor and magic resist by 1% for 10 seconds. This effect stacks up to 15 times.

Active: Katoah begins adding the eroded material to his own body, healing himself for 10/15/20/25/30 (+.1 AP) per hit. Lasts 4 seconds.

E: Grip of the Pharaoh

Cooldown: 25
Range: 750

Katoah focuses his ire on target Champion, causing sand to flow toward them from all directions. The target is slowed by 60%, and takes 20/30/40/50/60 (+.3 AP) magic damage every second for 8 seconds. All enemies in a 550 radius of the target take half the amount of damage and slow, but are dragged toward the target.

R: Howling Sandstorm

Cooldown: 150 / 130 / 110
Radius: 450

Katoah pulls sand up from deep under the ground and floods the area around himself with an intense, howling sandstorm for 8 seconds, dealing 50/100/150 (+.4 AP) magic damage per second and silencing all enemies within the sandstorm for 1 second every 2.5 seconds.


On Select:
"Like the desert sun, I rise!”

“Where are my enemies?”
“All the time in the world.”
“As the desert wills.”

“Grind them down!”
“They will know respect!”
“It was inevitable…”
“Crush the heretics!”

“The shifting sands are eternal… the same cannot be said for you.”
“Those who disrespect the desert… shall become part of it."

“Hold on a moment, I’ve got sand in my shoe.”

This is the first time I've tried this, and I'm not sure at all about the numbers in the abilities section (based them on numbers from similar abilities on already existing champions), so any input on that, or any aspect of the character would be greatly appreciated!

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For his passive maybe apond gaining the full stack he gets a boost of what the enemy loses? Just to alittle something there to help him out more, if he gets the full stack.

Q, comparing it with cho'gaths feral scream the numbers seem good. Don't see anything that need to be changed.

As for w. maybe have the passive effect both range and melee, yet have difference in percentage. Melee gets 1% and range .5%. Active (having a somewhat hard time to understand where you're going), so he heals from being hit? Maybe he gains a shield that absorbs a # of damage so he heals and block damage that could be more than what he heals. Also what if he's doing 1v1 he'll be able to last longer before having to head back to base in order to heal fully. So maybe add about more time onto it.

E, so enemy champions get pulled to the target if their 550 away, but how much? Maybe have it a total of 250, just so that enemies still have a chance to get away before you get a chance to lay down your ult.

R, at full level he'll have 150 dmg per second....so in total he gives 1,200. That's way too much, even for an ult. You should lower the dmg way down

Plz review Quinn the spoiled princess

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Sounds neat. Bump