used refund token, still have what I originally had

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There is a glitch related to either/both the skin system and/or the refund system. I have the skin I refunded and not the one I purchased with my refunded IP.

1. I decided to buy Akali's Nurse skin.

2. Decided to refund Nurse skin.

3. Used same RP from Nurse skin refund to purchase the bloodmoon skin.

4. Originally used the bloodmoon skin with no problem.

5. A day or two goes by when I notice that if I choose to play akali, both bloodmoon and nurse are available.

6. I try both skins, and both skins seem to work.

7. This is the last time I am able to use the bloodmoon skin.

8. It has been about a month now and it says both skins are still available. However, if I click bloodmoon, I ALWAYS show up as the nurse.

I like the bloodmoon so much more

riot plz