Sexy Guy Champs~Male Support

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There are tons of sexy girl champions but few good looking dudes. And if they are they're all in armor. Don't get me wrong i love playing sexyyy foxfire ahri but im sure the ladies would enjoy playing some more attractive male champs.

Another thing is that the women are mages and supports most of the time. It nice to see a girl being tough and all clad up in armor ready to kick butt like Leona and Vi once in awhile. Not to say that nurse akali is any less fearsome,but its a nice switch up.

Same goes for guys too. It seems that all the guy champions are very masculine and surly. I think a feminine male support would be awesome and bad *** in his own way.

I know riot has worked Alot on these ideas and ofcourse thier are exceptions like tryndamere, lee sin, leona, kayle, Vi, Sejuani, etc. But a feminine male support or mage would be awesome.

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