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Bought Skin, Can't Use it!?

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Twisted Fate's Magnificent skin.

As you all know the legacy skins were released during Holiday and some were at a cheaper price. I bought the TF skin. It took my RP, and in the area where you can buy the skin it says I have it.
Yet whenever I go to play a game it says the skin is locked and I can buy it to unlock it. Or if I click the TF champion on my profile and go through the skins it still says it locked, yet in the shop it isn't locked.

I know there is a lot of discussion about this skin being disabled or it not up to pare of the rest. But my question is why would they release this skin to buy if you can not play with it?

I have tried to search for some information about this, but all post I find are before the legacy release this Holiday.
Anyone have any info? Thanks.