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Couple Concerns

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Hello my name is CouldntDeal and I had a couple things I had questions on. One would be the reward borders. I understand they are rewards, but why not make them as trophies? What I mean by this, is that last season, I did pretty bad. This season, my ELO is gold, but I have the dingy normal border. Why not have your border been seen by both sides, and displayed for everyone to see? With this when you queue up for a game, and you start to see silver, gold, diamond, plat, then you realize you are climbing that ladder, and it feels better. Also, you could use them to showoff when you are loading in to a pre-made custom match with friends.

Secondly, RATING displays. When hovering your mouse over a friend in the friends list, it displays his ELO (For solo queue) I for one don't play solo queue much, I'm more of a 3s guy with my 3s team. Not in 3s my ELO is higher then my solo queue, but instead of displaying my 3s, it displays my solo. Why not make it so you can choose which rating to display, or just have it favor the highest of them?

I'm a first time poster, and user of a forum, so I'm sorry if this is blah. Thanks for your time, please if you agree or have comments, leave that below.