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Kristy, The Dead Isle's Child

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Oni Misho

Junior Member


Kristy, The Dead Isle's Child
“I now have a new understanding of the Chaos that one child can bring, and it will haunt me forever” -Garen

no one knew how a child came to be wondering The Dead Isle or how she survived. Most people think that going to the dead isle is suicide but there are still few who get caught in a storm and shipwreck on the isle. Kristy was born on the Dead Isle witch might explain her paranoia of other people helping her. Kristy had always been out for her self and when some one offered her there help, she knew it would come at a price. Kristy had lived on the Dead Isle for 13 years, some people say that being exposed to the twisted isle for so long might have been the cause of her madness.
found wondering the dead isle by Elise after coming back from one of her Pilgrimage. Kristy was wandering the Island looking for something to eat at that time. Elise reached out to her and told her that if she fallowed her then she would be able to eat the food. Kristy was skeptical of the woman but she fallowed for the promise of food, besides she had never seen this person on the island and could be friendly. Kristy fallowed Elise and grabbed her out stretched hand hoping for food, but was being lead to the very same cave that Elise used to sacrifice the others she had brought to the island.
When Kristy realized the cave that she was being led to she began to fear the stranger that was holding her hand. Kristy chastised her self, she should have known that if the Isle was this bad then every one else in the world must be the same. Quickly Kristy started chanting and causing the corpse of those fallen to rise and create a wall in front of the entrance of the cave. Kristy bit into Elise's hand and ran off and flee. Kristy was astonished to find anyone on this island from the beginning and decided to fallow Elise home.
After hitching a ride on Elsie's boat, Kristy found herself in Demacia. Kristy wandered away from the docks and into a local city to see what she could find. Kristy was still hungry and the smell of food lead her to a market place but there where allot of people. Kristy was taken back by the Demacian people and didn't understand why they would be so kind to each other. Kristy was used to the twisted chaos of the Dead Isle and how everything was out for it's own survival. To see so many people living together and helping each other confused Kristy so much that she started to think up all the alternative motives every one of them could have had for helping each other. Kristy's thoughts eventually worked there way into becoming reality for her and her survival instincts kicked in. Kristy began to kill every person in sight, man, woman, and child alike. it didn't matter to Kristy because it was in her mind essential for survival.
She had caused the death of many of people and had done so laughing as the blood painted the walls and floors. The town had become more than a ghost town, people who walk into the town feel the suffering of the souls that had died to Kristy's chaos.
After great carnage she had been taken down by Garen and a hand full of Demacian troops. Garen's first thought was to kill the girl for her crimes but it was Jarvan IV who convinced him that she could live out her life serving the people that she had caused chaos on. She would serve a life time fighting for Demacia in the League of Legends. Kristy would be moved to a secure prison until Jarvan IV comes back from the League of Legends council meeting.
Kristy was bound in a straitjacket and a mask covering only her mouth so she would not bite any one. Kristy thought at first that she was truly going insane when she heard a voice talking to her in her cell. “I know who your true father is” it said with a dark tone. “Who” Kristy Replied. “I can not tell you but I can show you, let me join you and In the League I will show you who your Father is.”
Jarvan IV came back to move the prisoner to a holding cell in the League as they granted Him the right to use her in the League. She seamed to be fine and was willing to join the League but her shadow had changed. The dark white eyes peered at him from her shadow as if studding him. Creeped out by the sight Jarvan IV allowed some of the Damacian Guards to finish the job.

Health: 350 (+85/per lvl)
Health Regeneration: 8.9 (+0.55/per lvl)
Movement speed: 330
Attack: Damage: 50 (+5/per lvl)
Attack: Speed: 0.6 (+0.2/per lvl)
Attack: Range: 500
Armor: 0 (+0/per lvl)
MR: 30 (+5/per lvl)
Mana: 230 (+50/per lvl)
Mana: Regeneration: 6 (+0.45/per lvl)

Dead Isle's Arcane: Kristy gets +1 ability power on a champion assist and a +3 on a champion kill. Stacks up to 50 ability power total and resets after a death.

Hidden Passive: Demacian Hatred
Kristy gains 1 attack damage on attacks on demacian champions.

(Enhance basic attack)
Q: Over charged: Kristy's ability in the arcane arts allows her to cast over powered spells.
Passive: Kristy's basic attacks gain half of her ability power to her attacks.
Activate: Kristy deals x2 damage on her next basic attack within 5 seconds. Until the cool down is over all of Kristy’s basic attacks do not gain the passive of this ability.
Cost: 50
Range: 500
Cool Down: 30 sec

W: Vampirism shield: Kristy marks Friendly target for 3 Seconds, 15/20/25/30/35/40% of damage done to that target is converted into health and transferred to Kristy.
Coast: 50/100/100/150/200
Range: 700
Cool down: 20 sec

(Skill shot)
E: Bone Wall: Kristy creates a wall of bones that causes fear when first summoned and is 300/400/500/600/700 units wide stopping all movements. The wall lasts for 5 seconds before it shatters.
Cost: 100/120/140/160/180
Range: 1000
Cool down: 15 sec

ultimate (Skill shot second part, first part auto target)
R: Bone Spear: Kristy deals damage to the closest enemy champion in melee range dealing 50/100//200 Physical Damage and throws a bone shard dealing additional 30/50/100 magical damage on impact of another enemy champion.
Cost : 50/100/150
Range: 1200
Cool down: 60 sec